the band

Photo  Lele Zani

BrassatoDrum was founded in 2010 as small wind ensemble and percussion (drum and brass), exactly!  -for the more exciting of the stages: the road.

The peculiar sound of the group  comes from the musicians: each song is characterized by ' such kind of a’ sound;, a funny and rude mixture between the pulsing  rhytmic section and the shameless horn section. The lineup includes standard jazz and ethnic, soul, ska and pachanka-obviously revisited and adapted to brassato-style thanks to shortl ‘on site’ acting jokes , funny or theatrical, in the best tradition of buskers and street performances.

Moving or stable, the brassatodrum is ready to  shake, glasses and bellies from any stage or street corner!


  • Moli - sax baritone
  • Carlo - drum
  • Livio - trombone -tuba
  • Mattia - sax alto
  • Max - percission